One thing that really separates us from some of our competitors out there is our selection of props.

We take pride in having such a large variety and supply of props available for our guests. We noticed when we would went to certain bridal expos and events as a guest, that our competitors barely had any props and the ones they had were the cheap paper props on a stick. We saw this as an opportunity to really create a better photo booth experience for our customers.

It hasn't been just about props though. When we service weddings, government and corporate events, parties, and other events, we think our real value comes out in our personal touch to every part of the photo booth business.

A big question that drives us at CaptureME Photo Booth is, "How can we do that better?" We start with what other people are doing already, and ask ourselves how we can improve it to create a better experience for our clients. It has definitely paid off, not only for our business, but most importantly to the customer and their parties. We really want your wedding, or event to be special, and we really want that to shine through with every aspect of our business.

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