Check out the local companies in your area

First of all, check out all the photo booth rentals that are available in your area. Check out what they are providing and how the price of one company differs from the others. When a vendor offers extremely low prices there are a few things that should be considered before securing the cheaper vendor. First, make sure your getting the full photo booth experience, quality photos, unlimited prints for each guest and unlimited photo sessions. Second, you need to verify if the vendor is properly licensed and insured with the state of Colorado. Third, verify their business. Do they have a Google My Business Page or do they solely run of Facebook and Instagram? What contact information do they provide? These are key discovery questions that will weed out the professional vendors vs. those who just do it as a hobby. Many photo booth operators are not licensed or insured and operating unlawfully.

Select which features you want

After that, make a list of features you wish to have from a photo booth company. Then search for the company which is providing those features. Here, do the same and see how one company is offering different price for the same feature.

Select the company which suits you the best

Now when you have done the homework of searching different photo booth rentals and the features you want, it's time to select one of these which you think suits you the best. Before you commit to any company, it's best to verify if that company fits your budget, has all the features which you want and also has the experience or not. Don't compromise on quality over quantity.

Quality vs quantity

By going with the cheapest photo booth company, you may just get a guy showing up with an iPad and a bedsheet to take pictures in front of. Do not compromise on the experience, quality, or professionalism. When you start to sacrifice on any of these 3 things, you will likely find yourself very disappointed. So it's a hard core rule that you should never compromise on quality over price or anything. Especially for your big day.

One of the best photo booth rental that you can have is the CaptureME Photo Booth rental where you will get a premium experience at a great value.