Type Of Company

First of all, you should take a look at the branding of the company. If it is overly generic, or their website looks like they just watched a YouTube video to set it up, you may be looking at an amateur. Working with a newbie may be ok for you, and may save a buck... but you are not going to get a magical experience with them. At CaptureME Photo Booth, our branding is distinct, and the quality is second to none.

Print Quality

As you have chosen the right photo booth for your event, the next thing to consider is the print quality. The quality of print depends on the photography knowledge and the quality of their printer. So you have to make sure that the printer of the photo booth company is of great quality. We have seen many rental companies who don't pay attention on the print quality and I think it is the worst mistake anyone can make. Even if you have a good camera, if the printer isn't of good quality, you won't get the desired results. So, its better to check some samples produced by the company before to know about the quality you will get.

The reputation

What's the reputation of the company that you are willing to hire? What are the reviews of the other people who have used their services and are the reviews legitimate? These are the questions you should ask to save yourself from poor quality service as you don't want poor quality service for your event. So instead of hiring and knowing that this company don't deserve you, you should learn from others. In order to know the reputation of the company, you can read the online reviews on the website of the company and its quality can be verified from the reviews.


At last, you should always verify if the company that you are hiring offers customizations or not. Because, many times, you want your event to be a unique one, and that needs customization. Customization is letting the company do according to what you want for your event. So, its always good to tell the company what you want from them, if they are happy to help, the company is for you.