How To Plan The Best Party

You just set the date for your party, now what? You're probably wondering how I am going to afford all of this and still have an awesome party everyone will enjoy. Now's the time to secure all of your vendors to ensure they'll be available. Vendor can make or break your event so be sure to book the right ones.

Entertainment is key to a successful event. The little things in between can easily be done on a DIY approach and will help with the budget. Whether you're planning a large scale event or a small house party, you need entertainment. Entertainment can be in the form of a Dick Jockey, Photo Booth, Face Painters, Tips Certified Bartenders, etc.

You'll want to create memories from your event and we feel there's no better way to do that then with Photo Booth rentals. Photo Booths are ice breakers and encourage guest to engage with other guests and they receive instant prints from each photo session they take. Plus, you get copies of all the fabulous photos they take and you don't have to take them yourself, an onsite photo booth attendant will be there to assist your guests. Photo booth rentals are popular with weddings, graduations, prom, baby showers, birthday celebrations, corporate events and holiday parties.

To complete the rest of your event planning, we suggest looking locally within the US for vendors that can accommodate table cover linens, napkins, table ware, party favors and so on. Most of these items can be re sold for half of what you purchased them.

We believe, in no particular order, these vendors should always be considered for any event. The value along with the memories they'll provide will be worth your investment for the foreseeable future.

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Secure your vendors first!

  • DJ: Hiring a DJ gives you freedom at your event. Rather than trying to play the music you downloaded to your iPad, there's nothing worse than having to leave a good conversation to fix your music. Let the DJ do his thing. DJ's know how to keep the party going and will also assisting in keeping with timelines.
  • Photo Booth: Photos Booth rentals provide memories and photos that your guests receive instantly. Everyone LOVES photos and in our opinion the world needs more photos of happy people. Unlike a photographer taking those pre posed staged photos, the photo booth allows your guests to let loose, have fun and laugh all night long with family and friends. We are seeing more bookings where the client opted for the photo booth over the photographer because they wanted to make sure guests enjoyed the party and had something fun to do. Plus the photos double as a party favor!
  • Photographer: If you're having a wedding, a photographer should be considered to capture those ceremony photos and the traditional family photos after the ceremony. After that, it's up to you if you'd like them to stay longer. Most photographers are booked by the hour so utilize them where they are needed most.
  • Food & Dessert: Everyone LOVES food and everyone LOVES dessert! As long as guests are feed, it won't matter if you've catered in buffet or plated meals, they just want to eat. Don't spend $65 a plate per person, there are plenty of other options out there. Desserts are also changing with today's trends. It's OK to have cupcakes or mini pies or even cookies at your party. There is no wrong way to enjoy desserts for your event, just google search desserts for parties and the ideas are endless.
  • Tips Certified Bartender: If you hosting a large scale event it's best to secure a tips certified bartender. They are insured and liable if a guest is over served, but they also control the flow of alcohol so you don't go through it all in the 1st hour of your event.
  • Venue: Booking your venue months to years out will help with budgets. Look for weekday pricing, on and off season pricing as well as what the venue provides within their venue. Often the venue will provide all the tables, chairs linens, and even an event coordinator for the day. Compare pricing, seating, and even venue location; is your venue easy for guests to get to.
  • Event Planner: if your budget is healthy then lastly look for an event planner. Planners have different service options and often take on everything so you can sit back and enjoy your party.
We have added a list of vendors within the US where you can purchase the above items. They are priced fair and have so many options to choose from.

Best Places for DIY items

  • CV LINENS: CV Linens has everything from table and chair covers to cutlery and table ware to balloons, backdrops, dessert display stands and more.
  • TABLE CLOTHS FACTORY: Table Cloths Factory has table and chair covers, backdrops, up lighting, table top décor, flowers and more.
  • ETSY: For those who love to DIY, Etsy has a ton of handmade items from local artists. Items like invites, DIY Printable files and more can be found with Etsy, saving you're budget for the bigger items that are unavoidable.
Check your local dollar stores and market place for the above items as well. As we mentioned earlier, most of these items can be found for nearly half price and you don't have to pay shipping.