What You Need to Know About Renting a Photo Booth in The Windsor and Fort Collins Area

A photo booth rental is a great way to add more fun and excitement to your wedding or event. In fact, they have been gaining in popularity in Northern Colorado for years now. We would like to thank Windsor, Loveland, Greeley and Fort Collins for all of the support and business by the way. I am writing this article for those of you renting a photo booth for the first time. I know a lot of people are curious on what to ask, and to make sure that they get what it is they really need from a photo booth rental company. My intent is to clear this up in this post.

First off, full disclosure, I own CaptureMe Photo Booth, so I am hoping you will consider my business in exchange for the help I can provide in this blog post.

Ok let's get to business.

It really comes down to questions. We actually have some questions that we ask our customers to help guide them in their decision making process. We want to make sure our customers are extremely thrilled with the experience so we make sure to ask what most are really after. Some of the most basic questions to ask that most people care the most about are:

1. What kinds of props do we have and use?

This is actually something that we focus a lot on at CaptureME Photo Booth. I noticed that a lot of my competitors were very weak in this when I was starting out. I saw that they use very small and cheap props purchased from the dollar store. They looked and felt cheap. I wanted something better. I am proud that we can say at CaptureME Photo Booth, we are definitely among the best, if not THE best when it comes to high quality props. We can even do custom props for your event.

2. Do we offer unlimited prints for guests?

It is unfortunate that many rental companies don't offer unlimited prints to their customers. We offer unlimited photo sessions for every guest which means every guest who takes a photo will receive a printed copy from that session. Everyone in the photo gets a print, and everyone at the event can have unlimited photo sessions. We want to make sure that everyone gets something that they can be very proud of.

3. What kind of backdrop selection do we offer?

You are going to want to look for a company that has a large selection of backdrops. Obviously it will give you a better selection, but also speaks to how professional the company is. You don't want to hire a guy that just bought a photo booth last week and is hosting his first event if you want things to run smoothly. We have one of the large selections in the industry, you can see them here.

4. What is our pricing?

When shopping for pricing people are often met with the dilemma of wanting to get a good service, but don't know if people are offering anything more or if they are just charging more. No one wants to pay too much, I get that. A good rule of thumb is, if they don't put their pricing on their site... They probably want to see how much money they can squeeze from you when making the sale. I wish this wasn't the case but unfortunately it is. We do what we can at CaptureME Photo Booth to provide the absolute best experience possible, while keeping our prices extremely reasonable. We have been able to do this by making sure our customers are extremely happy so they refer us. We stay very busy, which allows us to charge a reasonable price than some of our less popular competitors who charge more.

If you want to take a look at our pricing, you can click here.

5. Do we offer free transport?

This is a price that you definitely want to get figured out with your photo booth rental company. At CaptureME Photo Booth, we offer FREE DELIVERY for up to a 90 miles round trip from home base; the 80550 zip code in the Windsor, Colorado Area.

6. Can you see a photo of our setup so you know what to expect?

I recommend taking a look at what you are buying before making any commitments. You definitely don't want buyers remorse when it comes to your photo booth at your event.

7. Do we offer more than 1 photo booth?

Again, this goes in alignment with the setup. CaptureME Photo Booth currently has two different models; our Prime and our LED Booth. You can view the 2 booths in our Gallery under booths and set up.

I hope that this helped you in your thought process in deciding what will be best for you at your next event.

Have more questions? You can reach out to us and ask us here.

Thanks for reading,

CaptureME Photo Booth - Joe and Jess

Have more questions?

You can reach out to us and ask us!

Have more questions?

You can reach out to us and ask us!