Why do people rent from us above our competitors?

To put it simply and bluntly, we have higher standards. Whether it be higher standards with our props, our service, or our customer interaction, we are always asking, "How can we make this better?" It is this question that has molded our company into what it is today, and has created the philosophy that guides our company forward.

We begin with the best photo booths, from the industry leading photo booth manufacturers and customized each photo booth to our expectations as we only work with products that we have found to give us the ultimate edge. While many of our competitors go with the cheapest, it is our philosophy to go with the best. That belief has produces the highest quality results for our customers possible. Smiles are the name of the game in our industry, so we want to see you smile.

Whether it be a corporate event, wedding, party, or anything else, we have done the research and have developed a plan to hit a home run with our photo booth rental.

We realize that your event is a big deal, and a photo booth is a significant investment. We don't take your trust lightly, which is why we have a strong reputation for delivering absolutely premium experiences in the Fort Collins and NorCo regions. We service it all, and specialize in your success. Whether that be success with your wedding reception, or success with a corporate promotional event, we bring the expertise you need.

Reach out to us with any questions, we look forward to answering them.


Or if you are ready to book today

Or if you are ready to book today